We are trained and qualified to act as a professional and confident advisor who ensures that arrangements are carried out with efficiency and the dignity that this difficult occasion demands. We are sympathetic towards different ethnic and religious groups.

The day of the funeral

The Funeral Ceremony is the culmination of the work that has taken place since the death occurred.  Although  only one of the many functions of the Funeral Director, to many people, the sight of a funeral cortege is probably the one most associated with funeral service. It is significant to note that the word funeral is derived from the Latin "funeralis" meaning a torchlight procession.


Funeral Directors will be in attendance throughout the proceedings, to ensure the smooth running of events. They will take on the role of master of ceremonies, carrying out the task of guiding, directing and overseeing the funeral.


As well as the Funeral Director, four members of staff will also be present. These pallbearers will be attired in smart appropriate dress and will ensure of professional dignified attendance and supervision throughout the funeral.


If you or any of your family are unsure of what to do, tell your Funeral Director. This is what they are there for, to help and guide people through one of the hardest days of your life.



Care and consideration

Many, many thanks for the care and consideration you showed to Pam over the past weeks, the comfort you displayed was superb and was a tower of strength to my family but especially myself.


- Mr. M Beale

Support and Guidance

I felt I must write to you to thank you for all your help, support and guidance over the past week. You really made the whole procedure smooth and effortless and your staff acted with the utmost respect and professionalism throughout the whole day's proceedings.

- Mr. S Hurts